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Why Does It Say Not Enough When Trying To Sell On Poloniex


How do I sell on Poloniex?

Go to Buy Crypto and choose “Buy with Fiat” or “Sell with Fiat” on the top right-hand corner. Select denomination as the fiat currency you wish to use. Choose the asset and enter the amount of crypto you wish to purchase or sell – the fees and total charge will be displayed underneath.

What is stop limit in Poloniex?

A stop-limit order lets you set the stop price, limit price, and order amount for a trade. When the stop price is reached, the order will be placed automatically at the predetermined limit price and order amount so as to help you ensure a profit or limit a loss.

What happen with Poloniex?

Poloniex US Shutdown Timeline October 18, 2019 – US persons will no longer be able to create or complete the set-up of a new Poloniex account. November 1, 2019 – US users will no longer be able to execute trades and should no longer deposit assets.

Did Poloniex close?

Effective January 31st, 2022, Poloniex can no longer support Ontario-based users. Said users have not been able to sign up for an account starting on July 23, 2021.

How do I get my money out of Poloniex?

How to Withdraw

  1. Tap on the Wallet > Withdraw.
  2. Select the asset you wish to withdraw.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw.
  4. Select the network you wish to withdraw with.
  5. Enter the destination address, and/or additional payment ID.
  6. Enter your login password to confirm.

Can Poloniex be trusted?

Poloniex is one of the oldest and most trusted crypto exchanges in the industry! Founded in 2014, security, new features, and user interface are some of our top priorities. Create an account today to trade Futures, Spot, Margin, alt-coins, and much much more!

Has Poloniex ever been hacked?

Security isn't Poloniex's strong suit. While it appears everything has been brought up to industry standards, the company has a history of security and regulatory problems. The exchange was hacked in 2014, and hackers stole approximately $4 million in assets.

How Trades Execute – Poloniex Support,full%20order%20to%20be%20completed.

If there are not enough coins available at that price, the order remains open until there are enough coins at that price to fill your entire order. Please be advised that these orders will remain open until the parameters that you have set have been met in order for the full order to be completed.

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1. Open the Poloniex app on Android or iOS and log in. · 2. After selecting the trading pair, you will see the Trade page where you can place your order. · 3. On …

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If there are not enough coins for sale at that price, the order remains open until there are enough sell orders at that price to fill your entire buy order.

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Yes they are not very good when things go wrong. … I never use poloniex before, but my friend said it was good. … I want my bitcoin lol!

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