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When Doge Ruled The Earth


How long did a doge rule?

During the same period, the main characteristics of the office were fixed: the doge was chosen from among the ruling families of Venice and held office for life. By the 15th century the office had assumed the character of prince subject to law.

Where did the doge rule?

For more than 1,000 years, the chief magistrate and leader of the city of Venice and later of the Most Serene Republic of Venice was styled the Doge, a rare but not unique Italian title derived from the Latin Dux. Doges of Venice were elected for life by the city-state's aristocracy.

Who was the last doge?

Ludovico Manin
The last doge was Ludovico Manin, who abdicated in 1797 when Napoleon Bonaparte's soldiers entered Venice, thus marking the end of the ancient Republic.

How old is the doge’s palace?

598Doge’s Palace / Age (c. 1424)

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Doges of Venice were elected for life by the Venetian nobility. The doge was neither a duke in the modern sense, nor the equivalent of a hereditary duke. The …

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A doge was an elected lord and head of state in several Italian city-states, notably Venice and Genoa, during the medieval and renaissance periods.

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According to tradition, the first doge was Paolo Lucio Anafesto, elected in 697.

The Doges of Venice: Venetian Rulers for More than a …

Tradition states that Anafesto ruled for 20 years, until his death in 717 AD. It is unclear, however, as to the nature of the office at that …

Election and Service of the Doge in Medieval Venice

Election and Service of the Doge in Medieval Venice

The first historical Venetian doge, Ursus, led a revolt against the Byzantine Empire in 726, but was soon recognised as the dux (duke) and …

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Venice, or The Republic of Venice as it was known then, had a varied ruling system. The Great Council, made up of Venice’s noble families, …

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The Doge was the elected head of the Venetian state until 1797, when the last one (the 120th) was removed by Napoleon. Venice was a republic, ruled by an …

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The presence of the doge lasted in Venice for 1100 years, during which 120 figures succeeded one another, after deaths, abdications, conspiracies, …

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Source for information on Republic of Venice: Gale Encyclopedia of World History: … Pietro ruled at a time when the doges enjoyed tremendous power.

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1. The 4th Crusade Was Initiated Here, But No Holy Land! … The Doge at the time was the blind Doge Enrico Dandolo ( read above). As we all know, …

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