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What Happened To My Old Binance Account


How can I get into my old Binance account?

Open a new ticket by visiting Our Support Center. Fill out the form in its entirety. State that you wish to reactivate your account. Attach a selfie of you holding a sign that says, "Binance.US, please reactivate my account."

How do I get my crypto out of old Binance?

Posted by Frank Gogol in Crypto | Updated on November 15, 2022. At a Glance: To withdraw from Binance, a user must login and click “Withdraw.” Under the “Crypto” tab, they can then choose the network and desired currency then click “”Receive.”” After a 2FA code is entered, the transaction will be complete.

Can I recover a deleted Binance account?

You can't get it back, that's just how it is.

Can Binance delete my account?

– To delete and close your Binance account, you must fill in a “Delete Account Application” form. Provide either your “Email Address” or “Mobile number” associated with your account. Enter your email address (or phone number) & click “Confirm to Delete.

How long does it take to recover Binance account?

Can I have 2 Binance accounts with same number?

How do I get my lost crypto back?

Will Binance delete my data?

What if I lost my Google Authenticator for Binance?

Can Binance block your money?

How can I contact Binance Customer Service?

Why can’t I log into my Binance account?

Can Binance lock your account?

Can I verify 2 Binance accounts?

Do I have to claim crypto if I lost money?

Can you lose crypto in a wallet?

Can Binance keep your money?

How do I get my old Authenticator back?

How do I recover my lost Authenticator?

Why did Binance lock my assets?

Do people get scammed on Binance?

Does Binance have live chat?

Can Binance freeze your money?

What happens to unverified Binance account?

Can I delete my Binance account and create a new one?

How to report taxes on a lost Binance account | CoinLedger

Some investors run into trouble if they transferred assets into and out of Binance and other accounts they’ve lost access to. Consider the following scenario.

How to access old binance account : r/Ripple – Reddit

You’ll need to open a support ticket. It takes awhile. They will ask for proof of identity from something like a passport and taking a selfie with it and then …

How to Reactivate Your Binance.US Account

Open a new ticket by visiting Our Support Center. · Fill out the form in its entirety. · State that you wish to reactivate your account. · State …

My Binance account was mistakenly deleted. How do I get it …

The answer is ‘No’. · Transaction history remains in this immutable ledger forever. It can neither be deleted not edited. · Not only a transaction but in Ethereum …

Reactivate Account

The process may take up to 3 business days . Please remain patient while the information is being reviewed.

How to Unlock My Account – Binance

If your account is frozen (or “locked”), please follow the below steps to reactivate your account. Please visit and Log …

How to Unlock My Binance Account

​​How to Unlock My Binance Account. Invalid Date. To unlock your account, you need to submit a video to the Customer Service team to verify your request.

How to Migrate My Email or Phone Number to a New Binance …

Currently, you cannot delete an account from Binance. To migrate an account’s phone number or email, you need to bind both of them to the …

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When he opened his Binance US account last year, he thought he was doing the responsible thing by moving his funds off Binance’s original …

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