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What Do You Call Someone Who Is Affected By Something Due To A Ripple Effect


What is the ripple effect people?

It's truly that simple. The people that you touch will touch others. There is a ripple effect. And it makes no difference who you are, what you do for a living, how “powerful” or “successful” you are, or how much money you make.

What is another word for ripple effect?

ripple effect

  • causal sequence.
  • contagion effect.
  • dispersion.
  • dissemination.
  • domino effect.
  • knock-on effect.
  • overspreading.
  • slippery slope.

What is the ripple effect emotions?

The ripple effect is emotional contagion in groups, which is more precisely the transfer of moods among people in a group. This is an interesting phenomenon, and I am sure many of you are familiar with it.

What is ripple effect of people’s actions *?

What if we were all constantly aware of the fact that a single action has an effect over several different entities? How would our world be different? Consider our home and professional lives as a simple starting point.

What is ripple effect in philosophy?

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9 Synonyms & Antonyms for RIPPLE EFFECT –

Find 9 ways to say RIPPLE EFFECT, along with antonyms, related words, … one who inflicted pain as a child, unwittingly, to see what the effect would be.

Best 10 synonyms for ripple-effect – Thesaurus – YourDictionary

Synonyms for RIPPLE-EFFECT: chain of cause and effect, knock-on-effect, overspreading, slippery-slope, causal sequence, contagion effect, dispersion, …

Ripple effect – Wikipedia

The ripple effect is often used colloquially to mean a multiplier in macroeconomics. For example, an individual’s reduction in spending reduces the incomes of …

Ripple effect Definition & Meaning – Merriam-Webster

noun. : a spreading, pervasive, and usually unintentional effect or influence. the automotive industry has a ripple effect on many other …

Ripple effect Definition & Meaning –

a spreading effect or series of consequences caused by a single action or event. QUIZ. WILL YOU SAIL OR STUMBLE ON THESE GRAMMAR QUESTIONS?

RIPPLE EFFECT definition | Cambridge English Dictionary

ripple effect meaning: 1. a situation in which one event produces effects … will have a ripple effect by attracting more shops and other arts-related …

Ripple effect definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

If an event or action has a ripple effect, it causes several other events to happen one after the other. Ships could be diverted to other ports and that would …

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When a ripple effect begins during your career, it can first hit those … Do you want the people that you work with to say that you were a …

The Ripple Effect – Your emotions and actions are contagious

The Ripple Effect – Your emotions and actions are contagious

So something happens, and then the first thing you have is an emotion. Okay, that’s the response. Now that emotion leads to a feeling. Let’s say …

Ripple Effect: How You Make an Impact Every Day

Learn why everything you do (and every interaction you have) matters. … Ripple Effect Title Image … Because everyone makes an impact on someone.

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