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What Can You Do With A .eth Domain


What is .ETH domain used for?

Also known as Ethereum Domains, Ethereum Name Service (or “ENS” for short ) brings human-readable names to the Ethereum ecosystem. Names in the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) look just like the familiar DNS addresses we use today, with “. eth” initially being the only top-level domain (TLD) available currently.

What can I do with a ETH domain?

Once you have the domain, you can link it with your crypto wallets and websites. You can also create multiple subdomains like email. rick. eth and website.

Can you make a website with a .ETH domain?

eth can be used to host a fully decentralized web3 webpage. If you want to buy an . eth domain, you can do so at the ENS Domains website.

Are ENS domains valuable?

ENS domain names have risen sharply over the last six months, with new registrations hitting 437,000 in September. The most expensive ENS domain so far is “paradigm. eth,” which sold for $2 million last year. ENS domains are scarce, which has helped boost demand and prices.

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How much does a .ETH domain cost?

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How much is a .ETH domain?

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