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Shovel Knight How Do I Doge Specter Knights Slash


How do you beat spect Knight in Shovel Knight?

One of the easier ways to defeat Specter Knight is to use a combination of the Phase Locket and the Shovel Blade. The Phase Locket can be used to easily avoid Specter Knight's Scythe Charge and Scythe Toss attacks which can be difficult to dodge.

How do you get Knights cold shoulder Spectre?

The Cold Shoulder is activated by holding the [down] button. Besides looking cool, the Cold Shoulder gesture can be used in front of the 'Edge Farmer who, impressed, will give Specter Knight 150 gold.

What gender is Spectre Knight?

Specter Knight
Sex Male
Species Unknown
Height 6'0"
Weight N/A

How do you use skills in Shovel Knight?


  1. Run: + Control Pad.
  2. Jump: A.
  3. Dig Slash: B.
  4. Shovel Drop (in air): Down.
  5. Use Relic: Up + B.
  6. Climb Ladders (near a ladder): Up.
  7. Talk (near someone): Up.
  8. Sub Screen: SELECT.

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How do you use special weapon Skills?

Dash Slash – Shovel Knight Wiki – Fandom,will%20perform%20the%20Dash%20Slash.

Specter Knight can do a Dash Slash by jumping and pressing the [ATTACK] button; if an enemy or suitable object display a flaming diagonal gash when the attack is delivered, instead of a regular Scythe Slash, Specter Knight will perform the Dash Slash.

Specter Knight – Shovel Knight Wiki – Fandom

He can Dash Slash downward/upwards if he is above/below his target, respectively; it is also possible to perform Chain Dash Slashes by hitting opponents/objects …

Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment – No Scythe Challenge

How do you get this? I don't understand what it's trying to say …

Go to Armor Outpost with 2 human players, 1 being Specter Knight (duh) and the other as Propeller Knight, with the rule set of showdown/1 stock/ …

Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment Instruction Manual

Tip: Hold the A button to make Specter Knight jump as high and as far as possible! B Button. Slash. Specter Knight can swing his scythe with B.

Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment

Features: • Climb walls, leap over gaps, and dispatch enemies with the Dash Slash. Specter Knight’s playstyle brings motion and action to the forefront!

Dream Smasher: Specter Knight – Source Gaming

Dream Smasher: Specter Knight

Specter Knight’s first jump would be a simple hop and his second jump would have him float upward with a menacing pose, mimicking his animation …

Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment – All Collectible Locations

Shortly after you have collected the first Red Skull, you will need to jump over a pit of spikes. To do this you must do a jumping slash over a …

The Game Awards 2016: New Shovel Knight game trailer

The Game Awards 2016: New Shovel Knight game trailer

The trailer shows off all of Specter Knight’s abilities. He can slash. He can dash and slash. He can strike an enemy multiple times in a row. He …

How Shovel Knight's last boss was designed four times

To do so, he has to jump up to platforms of blocks that she summons, and then use fire lanterns that she throws to dash-slash over to her and …

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