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How To Transfer Sol From Phantom To Coinbase


Can I send Sol to Coinbase Wallet?

Coinbase Wallet, a self-custody wallet by crypto exchange Coinbase, has added support for Solana to its Chrome browser extension. The news means Coinbase Wallet users can now store, send and receive Solana (SOL) and Solana-based tokens from the wallet's browser extension.

How do I send Sol from Phantom wallet?

First, you will need to open up your Phantom wallet and click on "Solana" from your home page. You will then need to click on the "Send" button. This will then prompt you to enter the wallet address and the amount of SOL you would like to send.

How do I withdraw Sol from Phantom?

The Process to Withdraw SOL from Phantom Wallet

  1. Open Phantom mobile app or browser extension.
  2. If required, provide login details to access the wallet account.
  3. Now, find and click the 'Solana Token Balance' option.
  4. Choose the 'Your Stake Now' option to proceed.
  5. Select the staking account from which you want to withdraw SOL.

Does phantom work with Coinbase?

If you're using Coinbase Wallet on your mobile phone, you can purchase Phantom Protocol right in the app.

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How to transfer crypto from Phantom Wallet to Coinbase – Quora,a%20few%20seconds%20to%20minutes.

To send Solana (SOL) from the Phantom to Coinbase, you need to copy your Coinbase crypto address and paste it into the Phantom wallet. Then, you need to enter the amount of SOL that you want to send. Usually, you will receive the SOL sent into your Coinbase account within a few seconds to minutes.

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How to Send Solana from Phantom to Coinbase

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How To Transfer From Phantom Wallet To Coinbase?

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Assuming you’ve already purchased some Solana, click Send / Receive in the top right of Coinbase. Choose Solana (SOL) from the list of assets.

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