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How To Short Poloniex


Why is Poloniex closing?

Factors Behind the Decision of Poloniex This week, Circle stated that its primary vision with Poloniex is to professionalize and improve the exchange in terms of security, compliance, and efficiency. As a part of the initiative, the company decided to shut down margin trading and delist several tokens.

How do you trade futures on Poloniex?

  1. Log in or Sign up. Log In: If you already have a Poloniex account, you can log in directly to start trading on Poloniex Futures. …
  2. Enable Futures Trading. To enable Futures trading, please click the button “Enable Futures Trading”
  3. View Futures Balance. …
  4. Place order. …
  5. Monitor Position. …
  6. Close Position.

What happens when shorts get liquidated?

If an investor or trader holds a long position, the liquidation margin is equal to what the investor or trader would retain if the position were closed. If a trader has a short position, the liquidation margin is equal to what the trader would owe to purchase the security.

What is leverage in Poloniex?

The highest leverage Poloniex Futures offers is up to 100x. For example, if a trader uses 100x leverage to long 5 BTC at 5000 USD, he'll need 0.05 BTC (fees not included) as margin to open the position. If the price of the contract goes up by 1%, the trader will profit 100% of his margin.

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