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How To Set Favorites On Coinbase Pro


How do I add favorites to Coinbase Pro app?

Favorites list: Go to 'Favorites' and tap on the '+' in the top right corner. Search for the cryptocurrency you want to add then tap on it e.g. DOGE. Search for the market you want to track e.g. USDT on Binance.

Can you set a watchlist on Coinbase Pro?

If you're signed in, you can also select the Star icon to add an asset to your Watchlist. Your Watchlist appears on the Coinbase home screen and, if you choose, you can receive price alerts about each watched asset on iOS or Android with the Coinbase mobile app.

How do you set stops on Coinbase Pro?

Stop Orders Select the STOP tab on the Orders Form section of the Trade View. Choose whether you'd like to Buy or Sell. Specify the Amount and Stop Price at which the order should be triggered. Specify the Limit Price.

How do I customize my Watchlist on Coinbase?

How to customize your watchlist

  1. Sort markets by Exchange or Asset.
  2. Add markets to the watchlist via the search bar.
  3. Click any watched market to navigate to its Chart page.
  4. Click any Asset name to navigate the Asset's overview page.
  5. Set an alert in any watched market (opens the Alerts panel in the Utility Belt)

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You can pick and move your favorites and it just seems easier. Pro is great for trading but it’s so exasperating compared to Coinbase.

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Once logged in to your Coinbase Pro account on the app, you will find the Market Selector Page, Portfolio Page, Orders Page, and Profile Page.

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