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How To Deposit Eth To Idex


Is IDEX an ERC20 token?

According to cryptocurrency tracking platform CoinGecko, IDEX is currently the 52nd decentralized exchange by daily trading volume ($4.4 million). The IDEX exchange is built on Ethereum and supports ERC-20 token transactions and ERC20 token trading pairs.

How can I trade in IDEX?

Filling a limit order with a Market Sell

  1. Make sure you have connected your wallet to IDEX and deposited funds to your IDEX account.
  2. Go to the market you would like to trade on. …
  3. Once you have changed the order type to “Market” and put in the amount to buy or sell you must click Buy or Sell.

How do I transfer money from one token to another wallet?

Once you have connected your wallet navigate to the “My Balances” page by clicking on “Balances” in the nav bar and then “Full Balances” from the dropdown. Find the token you would like to send to another wallet and click the “Transfer” button.

Is IDEX a Blockchain?

The Ethereum blockchain and Binance smart chain, IDEX trading Exchange, is a centralized global and one of the best crypto exchanges with a decentralized platform.

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