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How To Connect The 2000 Subaru Forester Gas Cap Tether


How do you install a gas cap tethering?

1:021:57NEVER Replace Tethered Gas Caps On Cars Until Watching This!YouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipNow take your new gas camp and firmly push the tether in until it stops install the gas cap. And youMoreNow take your new gas camp and firmly push the tether in until it stops install the gas cap. And you're done always make sure you turn the gas camp until it clicks otherwise.

How do I remove my fuel cap tethering?

0:002:28Gas cap tether replacement – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipOkay let's get the old one off pick your best bet here just get a screwdriver in there i've alreadyMoreOkay let's get the old one off pick your best bet here just get a screwdriver in there i've already broken. It. Comes right off break it right off.

Where is the gas latch on a Subaru Forester?

To open the gas tank on a Subaru Forester, you need to locate the fuel door lever. This lever lives on the floor to the left of the driver's seat. Just pull up on the level and voila, the gas tank door will open!

How do you install a Stant locking fuel cap?


  1. To Install – Rotate cap to RIGHT until cap ratchets "clicks" on filler neck 3 times.
  2. To Remove – Insert key.
  3. Hold cap and rotate key left ¼ turn to start pressure release. After hissing stops, rotate cap left until fully removed. DO NOT USE KEY TO ROTATE CAP.

Can I temporarily drive without a gas cap?

A cap-less gas tank doesn't harm the engine nor does it let the fuel spill out of your car. That's because cars usually have a flapper valve that prevents fuel from leaking out. However, the cap acts as a shield against mud or dirt particles, which may damage the engine if it's left open.

How do you cap a gas line without threads?

1:495:19How to Cap an Unused Natural Gas Line – YouTubeYouTube

How do you remove fuel quick connect fittings?

0:224:21How to Disconnect Common Fuel Line Fittings – YouTubeYouTube

How do I turn off quick connect fuel fittings?

4:0112:37How to Disconnect Common Quick Connect Fittings – YouTubeYouTube

How do I fix my Subaru gas cap?

How To Replace The Fuel Cap On Your Subaru

  1. Turn your ignition to "ON" but don't start the engine. (Only if you have a newer Subaru with the fuel door release button.)
  2. Open the gas tank door.
  3. Remove the old fuel cap. If it comes with a tether, remove the bolt or clip holding the tether in place.
  4. Install the new fuel cap.

Where is the gas latch?

If your car has one, it will be near the bottom of the driver's seat, close to the driver's side door. Look for a small lever with a gas pump on it, then pull the lever up to engage it.

Are locking gas caps universal?

If I have a removable gas cap, can I use any one of these locking gas caps? Gasoline filler caps are not fully universal. The filler neck sizes for all vehicles vary by make and model, and thus, so do their filler caps.

Are locking gas caps worth it?

Never buy aftermarket or locking gas caps. They do not seal properly most of the time and may cause your check engine light to come on. Do not turn your vehicle on until the gas cap is replaced properly or your check engine light may come on and you might have to bring it into the Service Department for a reset.

What can I use instead of a gas cap?

Dealing with a lost gas cap is very simple. If you find yourself miles from your nearest auto parts store, where fuel caps are available to purchase, you can quickly stop up the fuel filler with a rag. This will prevent both gas and gasoline fumes from escaping your tank until you can buy a replacement.

Will check engine light go off after tightening gas cap?

Then tighten the gas cap with your hand until you hear the cap click in place. If it does not click in place or is loose after clicking into place the cap needs to be replaced. The check engine light should go off after you drive for several minutes if the light was caused by a loose gas cap.

Can you put duct tape on a gas line?

Duct tape will usually only stand up to 200-degree temperatures. Duct tape can also not be used to repair gas line leaks. The gas will dissolve the duct tape adhesive.

How do I seal a gas line connection?

0:002:37how to seal pipes and fittings for natural gas and water – YouTubeYouTube

How do you install quick connect fittings?

0:010:47How to Connect and Disconnect Quick Connect Fittings | DIY InstallationYouTube

How does a quick connect gas fitting work?

0:4013:08What Is A Quick-Connect Fitting And How Do They Work? – YouTubeYouTube

How do you change the gas cap on a Subaru Forester?

Replacing a Subaru fuel cap is a pretty straightforward process….How To Replace The Fuel Cap On Your Subaru

  1. Turn your ignition to "ON" but don't start the engine. …
  2. Open the gas tank door.
  3. Remove the old fuel cap. …
  4. Install the new fuel cap.

How do I know if my Subaru gas cap is bad?

Usually a bad or failing gas cap will produce a few symptoms that can alert the driver of a potential issue.

  1. Cap does not tighten properly. One of the most common symptoms of an issue with the gas cap is a cap that does not tighten properly. …
  2. Fuel smell from the vehicle. …
  3. Check Engine Light comes on.

Jan 8, 2016

Why won’t my gas tank door close?

There are three causes for why your gas door won't close: broken cables, a broken latch, or broken hinges.

How do you fix a broken gas door?

0:323:55How to Fix Your Fuel Door for Under $8 and in 30min – YouTubeYouTube

What happens if you drive without closing gas cap?

A non-secure gas cap will not only let fuel vapors escape, but it can also let in grime and dirt. These fuel vapors could produce errors in the emissions system, which would cause the check engine light to come on. Dirt that seeps into the gas tank can also damage the fuel injectors over time.

How many times should you click your gas cap?

Many manufacturers recommend tightening the fuel cap until it clicks three times, which is just a random number to make sure the cap is tight.

Do you lose gas faster without a gas cap?

Probably not, but it can cause some minor issues: You might lose a little gas, more likely due to evaporation than to actual spillage, because the filler neck helps prevents sloshing. Any kind of gas loss harms the environment and costs you extra money.

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