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How To Change Username On Bitstamp


Can I have two Bitstamp accounts?

You can have up to 10 Sub Accounts active at any time.

Is it safe to keep crypto on Bitstamp?

Yes! Our main priority is to keep clients' personal data safe and secure. Bitstamp employs best practices in terms of security, by utilizing advanced security technologies.

Can Bitstamp be trusted?

Bitstamp has excellent security and is one of the safest cryptocurrency platforms. The exchange keeps 98% of assets offline in cold crypto storage. This is the most secure type of crypto storage, because offline storage protects funds from hackers.

How do I change my Bitstamp email address?

If you wish to change your current email address, we will need to assist you with that. Please send your request through a support ticket or contact our support team at [email protected].

Has Bitstamp ever been hacked?

In January 2015, Bitstamp suspended its service after a hack during which less than 19,000 bitcoins were stolen, reopening nearly a week later.

Is Bitstamp better than Coinbase?

Coinbase is better than Bitstamp, and most other exchanges, in terms of cryptocurrency selection. It has well over 150 cryptocurrencies available for trading. Bitstamp lists more than 70, and to be fair, that's still a good amount of digital assets.

Why can’t I withdraw money from Bitstamp?

Please check if you have any open orders on your account. If you have an open order on your account, the funds are reserved for the order that is waiting to be executed. Click here to check your open orders.

Which is better Coinbase or Bitstamp?

Coinbase supports 150+ cryptocurrencies versus Bitstamp's 65+, but the differences don't end there. While Bitstamp caters to experienced, active traders, Coinbase is geared to beginners. However, Coinbase also offers the Coinbase Pro platform, which is a good fit for intermediate and advanced investors.

What is better Binance or Bitstamp?

Binance vs Bitstamp cryptocurrency exchange overall score comparison reveals that Binance has a higher overall score of 9.6, while Bitstamp gathered an overall score of 8.1.

Who is the owner of Bitstamp?

Nejc Kodrič

Type Cryptocurrency exchange
Location London, Luxembourg; Slovenia; New York City
Key people JB Graftieaux (CEO), Nejc Kodrič (Board member and co-founder), Damian Merlak (co-founder)
Currency Bitcoin, XRP (Ripple), Litecoin, Ethereum, ALGO, Bitcoin Cash, XLM, Link, OMG Network, USD Coin, PAX

Is Bitstamp good for beginners?

While Bitstamp's offering of 70+ cryptos might be a smaller selection than some other exchanges, it's more than enough to satisfy beginners. More experienced users may want access to more coins, although it's worth noting that Bitstamp offers a range of advanced order types.

How do I get my money out of Bitstamp?

How do I withdraw using the Bitstamp app?

  1. Tap on “Wallet” in the bottom bar.
  2. Select choose a currency and select “Withdraw”.
  3. Input the amount you want to withdraw and your bank account number and tap “Next”.
  4. Review the information and confirm.

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Two-factor authentication (or 2FA for short) is a security measure that ensures you are the only one who has access to your account.

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