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How To Buy Bitcoin Using Zebpay


Can I buy Bitcoin in ZebPay?

ZebPay is one of the most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges which helps you to buy digital currencies like bitcoin, ether and many more.

How do you buy coins on ZebPay?

Buy Bitcoin Using ZebPay Quick Trade On The App

  1. You can purchase BTC using INR, USDT or BUSD.
  2. Click on the Bitcoin (BTC) icon in the Quick trade panel.
  3. Enter the INR amount.
  4. The Quantity of BTC that you can buy will be displayed.
  5. Click on Quick-Buy.
  6. Check all the order details and place the order.
  7. Voila! Your order is placed.

How do I deposit bitcoins on ZebPay?

0:190:46All you need to do is click on deposit on the home screen select Poli enter the amount you wish toMoreAll you need to do is click on deposit on the home screen select Poli enter the amount you wish to transfer.

Is ZebPay a Bitcoin wallet?

Zebpay, launched in 2014, is a mobile bitcoin company. Zebpay's mobile bitcoin wallet allows its over 25,000 users to buy, sell, and store bitcoin and also use the bitcoins to buy e-commerce site vouchers and recharge mobile airtime across India.

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Buy Or Sell BTC instantly With Zebpay Instant Feature

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