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How Much Was The First Crypto Kitten


How much are original CryptoKitties worth?

Individual cryptokitties have sold for more than $300,000 a piece, some say. As of this writing, the average sale price for a cryptokitty was $65.76.

How much did CryptoKitties make?

CryptoKitties are digital cats sold as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and also one of the first attempts at a blockchain game. Days after the launch, one CryptoKitty sold for more than $100,000 in Ethereum (CRYPTO:ETH), and the game had already recorded more than $1 million in sales.

When was CryptoKitties founded?

Cryptokitties is a blockchain game released on Ethereum in late November 2017. Players can own, trade, and create virtual kitties, represented by non-fungible tokens meeting the ERC-721 token standard in the game.

Who spends $140000 on a CryptoKitty?

“Turn off the internet,” he joked, trying to shut out online bidders. In the end, he was bested. A buyer outbid him with an offer online of $140,000. The buyer, Igor Barinov, turned out to be physically present in the room, as well.

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Is crypto kitty a good investment?

How much is a Gen 0 cryptokitty?

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People have spent over $1M buying virtual cats … – TechCrunch

People have spent over $1M buying virtual cats on the Ethereum blockchain

People are spending a crazy amount of real money on the game. So far about $1.3M has been transacted, with multiple kittens selling for ~50 ETH …

Meet CryptoKitties, the new digital beanie babies selling for …

Players have spent the equivalent of $6.7 million and counting buying CryptoKitties, which can sell for as much as $114,481.59, according to …

CryptoKitties – Wikipedia

CryptoKitties is a blockchain game on Ethereum developed by Canadian studio Dapper Labs that allows players to purchase, collect, breed and sell virtual cats.

How one CryptoKitty was flipped for $60000 in four days – Quartz

It took just three trades in four days for the digital cat to go for tens of thousands of dollars.

All You Need to Know About CryptoKitties –

CryptoKitties was the world’s first gaming application built on Ethereum and … The least expensive kitten fetched a price of around $12, or 0.03 ETH, …

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Each kitty has a core “DNA” on the blockchain, and the game is … parents’ traits (an expensive cat will have an expensive kitten) but …

The Spectacular Collapse of CryptoKitties, the First Big …

On 4 September 2018, someone known only as Rabono bought an angry cartoon cat named Dragon for 600 ether—an amount of Ethereum …

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While it’s impossible to set an exact price for a Kitty — they are … we set that rule at the start of CryptoKitties, and thanks to blockchain technology, …

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Cryptokitties first shot into limelight last November after traffic from its users flooded ethereum’s blockchain. The game involves breeding of digital cats …

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This is how I first learned of the now-famous CryptoKitties game. … always put a cheaper, more expensive, or a newer Kitty on the market.

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