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How Much Bch Does Roger Ver Have?

Does Roger Ver still own Bitcoin?

He renounced his United States citizenship in 2014 after obtaining a Saint Kitts and Nevis passport. He went on to serve as CEO of….

Roger Ver
Nationality United States (1979–2014) Saint Kitts and Nevis (2014–present)
Occupation Entrepreneur
Known for Promoting Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash

Who owns the most Bitcoin Cash?

CoinCarp data provides substantial information on who owns the most bitcoin cash. As of 2 September, there were 17.12 million BCH holders. It is worth noting that there has been no change in total wallets and ownership concentration in the last month….Who owns the most bitcoin cash?

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What is the max supply of BCH?

21 million
Bitcoin Cash derives its value from its limited supply (21 million), meaning that there is a flat rate at which BCH enters circulation until all the coins are mined.

Can BCH reach 10000?

With many cryptocurrencies, including BCH, the chances of hitting a high number like $10,000 is definitely possible. However, it will take a tremendous amount of work and effort from the community at large before this happens. As such, there are currently no predictions that state BCH will reach $10,000 in 10 years.

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Does BCH have a future?

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Who have most Bitcoin in the world?

Who Is Roger Ver, aka "Bitcoin Jesus"? – Investopedia,400%2C000%20bitcoins%20by%20some%20estimates.

By moving to collect Bitcoin in its earliest days, when each coin was valued at under $1, Ver amassed a total collection of more than 400,000 bitcoins by some estimates.

Roger Ver – Wikipedia

He invested over a million dollars into new Bitcoin-related startups, including Ripple,, BitPay, and Kraken. In 2011, Ver’s company …

Why Roger Ver prefers Bitcoin Cash to the original BTC

Why Roger Ver prefers Bitcoin Cash to the original BTC

Early Bitcoin investor and cryptocurrency promoter Roger Ver tells Forkast.News how faster transactions and lower fees are fueling Bitcoin Cash …

Bitcoin Cash To Hit USD 100K, Says Roger Ver (Bullish on …

“It does have far more potential upside as well,” continued Ver, estimating that BCH might reach USD 100,000 by the end of this decade.

Roger Ver (@rogerkver) / Twitter

we have closed an international partnership of great weight: Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will be used in the leve app as a payment method in Brazil.

Roger Ver Apparently Thinks Bitcoin Cash Value Could …

On Nov. 4, the Bitcoin Cash proponent and former CEO of, Roger Ver, said that he will send $5 worth of BCH to all of his …

No flexing for Bitcoin Cash users as BCH loses 98% against …

Arguably the most vocal BCH supporter, entrepreneur Roger Ver has nonetheless continued to tout its supremacy over Bitcoin, with price woes …

Crypto Crime Cartel: How Roger Ver-led BCH tried to corrupt …

Crypto Crime Cartel: How Roger Ver-led BCH tried to corrupt Bitcoin

Perhaps more than the other criminals we have been reporting on, the BCH cartel, led by Roger Ver, has driven a relentless effort to corrupt …

Bitcoin Cash To Surpass BTC Market Cap, Says Roger Ver

In today’s terms, these bitcoins are valued at approximately $179,139,250, hence the nickname, “bitcoin Jesus.” Now, Ver believes that bitcoin …

Bitcoin Cash Could Go Up 1000x, Roger Ver Says – Bitcoinist

Former CEO, Roger Ver, was shilling Bitcoin Cash on CNBC’s Power Lunch yesterday. During the interview, Ver maintained his position that BCH “is …

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