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How Many Confirmation On Bittrex


How long do Bittrex transactions take?

Funds deposited via ACH will be subject to a withdrawal hold for up to 14 days. During those days, deposited, verified funds may be traded** on the Bittrex exchange, but not withdrawn. Please wait up to 14 days to withdraw these funds.

How long does 3 network confirmations take?

3 confirmations from the bitcoin network take approximately 30 min – 1 hour and are used to avoid fraud and ensure transaction non-reputability.

How many customers does Bittrex have?

500,000 active users
User Count Bittrex has over 500,000 active users – that's nothing to scoff at! While it's certainly on the low end of the spectrum when compared to other major crypto exchanges, it's still pretty good.

What is the limit on Bittrex?

Bittrex Accounts New and unverified accounts are unable to initialize any BTC withdrawals, with Basic Verified accounts, the limit is $3000 per day. For the ID Verified accounts without 2FA, the daily withdrawal limit is 1 BTC per day. For ID Verified accounts with 2FA you can withdraw up to 100 BTC per day.

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How to see number of confirmations required for depositing on …

Click on wallet and under pending you will see your BCH and the number of confirmations on the far right.

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Once confirmed, click return in the bottom right corner. After verifying your wallet address, memo (if applicable), confirm and withdraw; If you …

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