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Do You Think Blockchain Is Impacting The Financial Industry? Why


How will blockchain impact the financial industry?

Payments: By establishing a decentralized ledger for payments (e.g., Bitcoin), blockchain technology could facilitate faster payments at lower fees than banks. Clearance and Settlement Systems: Distributed ledgers can reduce operational costs and bring us closer to real-time transactions between financial institutions.

Why is blockchain popular in financial industry?

Because of its design and properties, blockchain is secure, transparent, and nearly impossible to alter. In the finance industry, this underlying technology allows the transfer of currency with confidence that the transaction is secure and reliable.

What is blockchain technology and its benefits to the finance industry?

Blockchain can streamline banking and lending services, reducing counterparty risk, and decreasing issuance and settlement times. It allows: Authenticated documentation and KYC/AML data, reducing operational risks and enabling real-time verification of financial documents.

Why is blockchain an important element of a financial technology program?

A blockchain allows a person to safely send money to another person without going through a bank or financial services provider. Many in the financial services industry refer to blockchain technology as distributed ledger technology. And some see blockchain as a more reliable database than their existing databases.

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