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Computer Bluescreens When I Tether My Phone


Can USB tethering cause BSOD?

USB-tethering causes bsod on Windows 10. Tested with 2 different OP5 phones and 3 different PC. Running Android version 8.0 and tethering works with other Android phones just fine.

How do you fix tethering problems?

  1. Toggle Airplane Mode to Fix Mobile Data/Wi-Fi Issues.
  2. Reboot Your Android Phone.
  3. Disable Android's Battery Saver Mode.
  4. Turn Off Your VPN App.
  5. Change the AP Band for Your Hotspot Connection.
  6. Disable the “Turn Off Automatically” Option.
  7. Use Bluetooth Tethering on Android.
  8. Reset Android's Network Settings.

Why does my computer blue screen when I go into a Web browser?

If a BSoD appears when connecting to the Internet, the software driver associated with the network adapter — a hardware component that enables a computer to access the Web — could be defective or incompatible with the device. BSoDs can even strike fear in the hearts of advanced users.

What hardware issues can cause blue screen?

Software: Incompatible software like apps or programs may cause conflicts the result in the BSOD. Hardware: Faulty memory (RAM), hard disk drive (HDD), solid-state drive (SSD), motherboard, processor, or a power supply unit (PSU) can all be responsible for the blue screen crashes.

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BSOD after attempting to tether my phone – Microsoft Community

Also do this so you can see the likely bluescreens. Windows Vista automatically restarts if your PC encounters an error that causes it to crash.

USB tethering causes Blue Screen on Windows 11/10

USB tethering causes Blue Screen on Windows 11/10

USB tethering causes Blue Screen on Windows 11/10 … One of the earliest ways to use your mobile Internet on your computer is by connecting both …

Android USB Tethering share causes blue screen on …

Android USB Tethering share causes blue screen on Windows 10 1709

When I plug my phone into tablet to use the function, the system immediately crashes and runs into Blue screen with error Kernel Security Check …

Windows 10 and Android 8 Oreo USB tethering cause BSOD

It appears that the issue is that Windows 10 defaults to RNDIS 5-drivers for Remote NDIS based Internet Sharing Device when enabling tethering.

Fix: BSOD Caused by USB Tethering on Windows 11 – Appuals

Outdated device drivers – In most cases, the issue was a result of outdated/corrupt drivers that are required by the system for USB tethering.

How to Fix USB Tethering BSOD on Google Pixel 1 … – YouTube

BSOD while USB tethering – Windows 10 Forums

So this was graphic drivers and nothing to do with the USB tethering? My Computer.

Hotspot cause Blue screen & reboot on laptop why??…

DROID RAZR MAXX … Sounds like a problem with your laptop. Have you tried to tether it? Does it do the same thing? … Hotspot shouldn’t cause blue …

Blue Screen after the use of the mobile hotspot function in PC

Blue Screen after the use of the mobile hotspot function in PC · Press Windows key + X and click on. Device manager. · Locate for Network adaptor …

Blue screen when using phone as hotspot – Intel Communities

Enable your phone’s wireless hotspot (i.e. internet sharing). Your computer should automatically connect to your phone’s hotspot. If it does not, check the …

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