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Coinbase Portfolio What Are The Percentages Bars


What do the percentages mean on Coinbase?

The slippage percentage shows how much the price for a specific asset has moved. Due to the volatility of cryptocurrency, the price of an asset can fluctuate often depending on trade volume and activity.

How do I read my Coinbase portfolio?

The open and filled order history, as well as deposit and withdrawal history, are all available on the Coinbase Exchange. For any of your crypto wallets, you can also produce and download statements. Navigate to Portfolios in the top right corner of the page to see your deposit and withdrawal history.

What does my portfolio balance mean on Coinbase?

Here's how it works: your portfolio value represents the fiat equivalent of all crypto and fiat holdings on Coinbase at any given moment in time. So your balance will go up as you invest more on Coinbase or as your assets increase in value. Portfolio Balance does not show gains and losses.

What does the percentage mean on cryptocurrency?

The monetary value or reward that investors may earn by making their crypto tokens accessible for loans, taking into consideration the interest rates and any other fees that borrowers must pay, is referred to as the annual percentage rate (APR).

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Trading activity shows the percentage of Coinbase customers who increased or decreased their net position in an asset over the past 24 hours through trading.

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Hi, On coinbase, on the left of my bitcoin wallet I have “93%” with a yellow bar. … The percentage of your portfolio that’s Bitcoin.

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